Sloths and Heavy Machinery

Well, all right, only one sloth in this compilation is trying to operate sophisticated machinery. As you can see, moving extremely slowly minimizes the risk of getting into serious trouble.

The ones with the masks are three-toed sloths; the others are two-toed.

7 comments on “Sloths and Heavy Machinery

  1. Whew! Just what I needed after an entire week of doctors and tests every day :/
    Thanks, Lee.

  2. Wow, hope everything is OK for you, Linda. Prayers for you.
    These little critters have the cutest little faces. That was fun watching.

  3. Best wishes to both Linda and Erlene. It’s been a hellacious week.

    I remember the good old days when a feller could leave his pipleline unguarded and not have to worry about the pranks of delinquent sloths. 🙂

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