Baby Sloths (Who Luvs Ya, Baby?)

I think I posted this video once before, but what the heck–baby sloths are awful cute.

Historical Fun Fact (honest!): 19th-century chess master Elijah Williams was nicknamed “The Bristol Sloth” because he took so freakin’ long to make his moves. Drove his opponents crazy.

Bathing Your Baby Sloth

I hope you folks out there can appreciate the raw courage it takes to bathe a baby sloth. In Costa Rica they have a special word for this, although I don’t know what it is.

How to Give a Baby Sloth a Bath

Admit it–most of you have wondered about this for years and years.

I don’t think she likes the bath, but her little threat displays don’t seem to have much of an effect. Maybe if more people were caught and mauled by sloths, the threats would be taken more seriously.

When a Sloth Chases You

They spend most of their time hanging upside-down in trees; but every now and then they have to crawl cross-country. Don’t worry: these sloths live in a sanctuary, they’re safe on the ground. But are the humans? Could you outrun a sloth?

Hug a Sloth Today

This is how a sloth rushes into a passionate embrace.

Anthony Wirtmuller of Pshaw, Texas, was frequently mistaken for a sloth. “It got me a lot of hugs from pretty girls,” he recalls. The sloth in this video is a real sloth, though.

Bonus Video: Baby Sloths at Lunch

It’s Sunday, I don’t really want to write up any nooze… How about a video of people doing something kind and blameless–like serving up lunch to a bunch of baby sloths?

Those look like pretty nice salads. Kind of like the salads my wife, my mother, and our neighbor used to make for my iguana. He had them charmed.

Sweetness to animals will sweeten our souls. And the Lord knows we need it!

Sloth Gets a Bath–Beware!

(OK, I jazzed up the headline a little bit. Couldn’t help it!)

I wonder how many of us will be called upon, any time in life, to give a sloth a bath. I’m trying to gauge the sloth’s opinion of the bath. Is she going to bite the nice lady, or is she just expressing a general sense of freaking out?

I’m guessing she enjoys the ointment and the combing, though.

P.S.–My sister had to give my iguana a bath once. She never forgot how well-behaved he was.

Sloths Up

Ignore the twaddle that they give us for a text and just enjoy the sloths. (Oops, forgot to post the video. Mistake corrected.)

Silly question of the year: How do you tell a three-toed sloth from a two-toed sloth? (You’re kidding–right?)

Baby Sloth: The Climb

How would you like this job–teaching a baby sloth how to climb? Mama Sloth needed some help in that department, and the sloth sanctuary was there to provide it.

You’d think climbing would come naturally to sloths; but then seals need to be taught how to swim, and a dog will never figure out by himself how to play poker.

Cute Baby Sloths

It’s been a while since I posted any baby sloth videos. Cute, aren’t they? My wife is crazy about them.

Some of you are wondering why there is a kangaroo in this video which is supposed to be about baby sloths. I am sorry to say the film-maker cannot tell the difference. I wonder if he’s the only one who mistakes sloths for kangaroos.