Watch the Birdy–and the Cat

Why don’t the cats just eat these birds? But no, they play with them. And in most of these clips, the bird seems to have the upper hand. Like the baby bird who thinks the cat’s tail is a nice big hairy worm for him to snap up.

We see more and more of these unexpected animal friendships. Makes me think the Lord is trying to tell us something that’d be good for us to know.

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  1. I find these videos quite interesting. Birds are delicate. They have hollow bones and are built to be lightweight, not heavy duty. My point is that birds require gentleness and cats are not always gentle. But, somehow these cats seem to understand that the rules are different when it comes to birds and they obviously know that they have to be gentle. This, IMHO, is a window into the Restitution of all Things.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, UnKnowable. Although, I will say that parrots have very formidable beaks that can and do inflict severe damage to an intended victim 🙂

    2. Definitely. I would not want to be attacked by a parrot. They probably would make you wish you had left them alone.

    3. The one thing is parrots aren’t known to bite unprovoked. Normally, fear, self-defense and defense of those they love – pretty much like most of us 🙂

    4. Maybe a kiss or a little love nibble, but not a bite to inflict injury without cause, at least in my experience with the parrot family of birds.

  2. I’ve seen a cat try to get a parrot and end up with a clump of fur missing. I’ve been nipped by parakeets, but they are harmless. I’ve they are tamed they are quite docile.

    1. Me too – but more like 60 years 🙂 They will etch themselves on your heart.

    1. I recall reading about this when it first happened and that there was a calf living feral. I had no idea how it resolved, but now I know. The behavioral mechanism which would have put Bonnie in the company of a deer herd is a mystery, but it is obviously an inborn trait. One thing is for certain, we all need companionship.

    2. I saw a deer herd just this morning, on my bike-ride. For people in many other parts of the country, it’s no big deal: but here in NJ-Suburbia, it’s almost shocking.

    3. . . . and became to first Bovine astronaut by flying to the Sun. They solved the incineration problem by going at night. 🙂 Sorry, I couldn’t resist one last Polish joke.

    4. That was about when the mission happened. It went well, but they took too long and the sun came up, so they had so skidaddle home.

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