Prof: ‘Defund, Disband, and Rebuild’ the Universities

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I’ve been saying this for months, and now I have some company.

Defund the universities, and shut ’em down.

Dr. Jason Hill, a professor of philosophy at DePaul University, says there is “no lower level of educational hell” than what we find today in most college classrooms ( and that America’s core principles and foundations “are being annihilated” by Far Left rug-chewing “teachers” in those colleges. They’re teaching young Americans to hate America, they’re doing it with our money, and it has to stop.

Take away the public funds and let “higher education” fend for itself in the free market, suggests Professor Hill. Well, that’ll be the end of them.

I pray this enlightenment catches on, big-time, in a hurry.

Because we need it.

4 comments on “Prof: ‘Defund, Disband, and Rebuild’ the Universities

  1. I think this is beginning to happen, but perhaps in a round-about manner. The fact is, college degrees are not the ticket to gainful employment that they once were. A lot of people are graduating with no skills of value in the workplace. Even persons with degrees in areas where there is a demand for workers are not always learning relevant skills in college.

    I once supervised a Master’s candidate, whom later received a doctorate, however he was so unskilled as to be useless at simple network management tasks. Once, in my absence, he unilaterally decided that our network was not secure from intrusion (he didn’t understand the needs of our perimeter security) and took it upon himself to literally disconnect us from the Internet because he feared a Denial of Service attack.

    Apparently this egghead never thought of fact that disconnecting us from the Internet comstituted a denial of service. Let me summarize that in the least technical terms feasible; he was afraid that a hacker could disrupt our access to the Internet, so he disconnected us from the Internet, completely missing the point that his “cure” constituted the very risk he was trying to mitigate. And this was a guy about to receive a Master’s in the field.

    With the colleges turning out graduates of this caliber, I think it’s only a matter of time before their diplomas become perceived as worthless. There is a technical school near where I work, not even computer related. I’ve always said that if I needed a tech in a big hurry, I’d call that tech school and ask them to send me the nerdiest students in their files. With good, basic core skills, I could train someone like that in a heartbeat.

    1. When you think about it, that’s a profound thing. To have a well known media figure make such a request is beyond unusual. I’m with him on it, 100%.

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