Extremely Friendly Cats

What is it with these cats? They’re supposed to be natural-born predators, right? See a small animal, eat it. But no. These cats want to be friends–with baby chicks, bunny, hamster, guinea pigs, a duckling, and even a tiny little piglet.

Welcome to the Kingdom.

P.S.–Don’t let the chameleon climb on the cat. They don’t mean to, but chameleons pinch. Hard.

6 comments on “Extremely Friendly Cats

  1. Ironically, the bird may be in more trouble from other birds. We had a couple growing chickens one time, in a box, outside. Not a good idea. It seems a bird took one – no sign of animal prints. It was so sad.

    1. We have them here, too. It’s unreal. One flew right over me during a bike ride, a few years ago and then dived almost to the ground in front of me. From that perspective they look pretty big.

    2. The rare and deadly Hat Hawk. Lives on felt, and felt only. 🙂

      As you can attest, when a hawk buzzes you, it’s like standing off the end of a runway when a 747 goes over. It’s hard to believe that something that large can fly. 🙂

  2. What I noticed is that the smaller animals seemed completely unafraid of the cats. The little duckling, just before 4:00 seemed to be more intimidating to the cats than they were to him.

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