The Picture Says It All

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According to a Harvard ninny writing for The New York Times, the Bible–in particular, the law book of Leviticus–once upon a time permitted homosexual sex (


Yeah, but–! “Dr. Dershowitz is a biblical scholar,” says The Times. Like they would know.

We say he’s also something else.

What evidence does he produce to back up his claim? Well, none. Zip, zero, nada. It’s just something he wants to be true. Besides, you have to say things like that, if you want people to think you’re a bona fide intellectual and a Reputable Bible Scholar.

There have always been false prophets, and always will be, until Our Lord Jesus Christ comes back and cleans house.

Until then, stick to the text and pray always for discernment. Because some of those “biblical” mountebanks are a bit trickier than this guy.

10 comments on “The Picture Says It All

  1. In Matthew 24, one of the signs of Christ’s returns is false prophets. We are seeing it in abundance these days. I’ve heard any number of persons claiming to represent the Bible, but teaching things which do not strike me as even close to being biblically supported.

    The example mentioned above strikes me as seeing what you want to see.

  2. That story in itself is an abomination. I would not want to stand in the shoes of the embicile(s) who say, think or write such filth.

    1. These “scholars” covet the approval of a Godless world. They have their reward. Let them enjoy it while they can.

    1. Of course! They aren’t about to find something that challenges their little world of smug self-satisfaction and the facts are meaningless in such situations.

    2. Just another bunch of yahoos calling themselves “Bible scholars.” I think their head munchkin, J. D. Croissan, is probably an atheist.

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