Bonus Encore: Snuggly Bunnies Ad

I burned myself out today, writing a Newswithviews column and editing The Temptation (corrected some surprising errors in the manuscript)–and I need some snuggling bunnies. Do you?

This famous snuggling bunnies ad for Ibis Hotels was among the very first videos I ever posted here. The difficulties in actually creating it have become the stuff of legend. But we needn’t dwell on those, even though I’ve heard the one assistant director got so overwrought, he crawled under the vicar’s backyard wading pool and was never seen again.

4 comments on “Bonus Encore: Snuggly Bunnies Ad

  1. This video is a representation of why my wife and I are bunny crazy (our daughter lets us know there are help groups, ha ha). I love it when our bunny yawns, and some of the positions she gets into when sleeping (like one ear up and the other down).

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