I’ve Reviewed Bernie Sanders’ Book

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I read this twaddle so you don’t have to, I guess. I’m also trying to sound the alarm: socialism is a nation-wrecker and an immoral system of government, and our Democrat Party has shifted into high gear to bring us socialism.

Here’s my review of Bernie Sanders’ book, on the Chalcedon website.


I have nightmares about these people winning the next two elections and turning America into Venezuela North. I would rather just have nightmares about monsters and such: much less horrifying.

Please, please! When the next election comes around, get out there no matter what and vote against these people.

4 comments on “I’ve Reviewed Bernie Sanders’ Book

  1. Thank you, Lee, for your greatly insightful review of Bernie Sanders’ book, “Guide to Pollitical Revolution.” It covers so many aspects of how we got where we are. Where do we begin to reverse direction before it’s too late to save our unique and precious Constitutional Republic?

    Maybe we need a “Guide to Rescuing our Nation from Socialism?”

  2. Bernie Sanders is an angry old man who is not funny. On the other hand, Donald Trump has the energy of a 40 year old and is hilarious with his great sense of humor. Trump is the one who is leading a political revolution called The Trump Train – all aboard!!

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