Let’s Have Some Bunnies

Yeah, I’m in the mood for bunnies. Let’s bunny up.

I’ll always remember the night three or four baby cottontails chased in other around and around in circles–with me at the center of the circle. Kind of an honor, really. I suspect they thought I was a tree. I have that effect on some people.

7 comments on “Let’s Have Some Bunnies

  1. Adorable! I laughed out loud more than once watching these beautiful little furry characters 🙂 The one with red berries all over his snow white fur was a bit of an ‘oh no’ moment lol

  2. They are sure adorable little creatures. Having four baby cottontails chase one another while you stood in the center is one of those rare things in life.

    I keep telling you; it you didn’t walk around wearing a camouflage net, people would quit taking you for a tree. 🙂

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