Facebook: Clueless

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Facebook stock is tanking, losing billions of dollars–and they still don’t have a clue. For instance:

Cable talk show host Alex Jones has been banned for 30 days for “violating Facebook’s Community Standards” against “bullying” (defined as physical intimidation) and “hate speech” (any speech less than supportive of liberals’ pet social re-engineering projects). We are not told what, exactly, Jones said or did that constituted these supposed violations. They don’t even bother to try to describe whatever his offenses were. “Hey, we’re Facebook, take our word for it!”

But their word isn’t good enough.

Meanwhile, rogue Congresswoman Maxine Waters is out there urging people to mob members of the government–uh, that would be physical intimidation, wouldn’t it?–if they dare appear anywhere in public. She wants people to be “out in the streets screaming… Do something. Make something happen.” What do Democrats call that–love speech?

But nobody’s banning Maxine Waters.

Personally, I’m not a member of the government, not anybody who’d be recognized in public–but I am convinced it would be virtually suicidal on my part to try to walk past any crowd being addressed by Maxine Waters.

And I don’t appreciate it.

And I will vote for anyone who promises, believably, to make it stop.

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  1. In my humble opinion, Facebook is a symptom of a societal disease. In the long term, I think it will be a speed bump and more quickly forgotten than Disco Duck records, but the data harvested, stored, turned loose and waiting to be mined is frightening. That isn’t going anywhere and putting ANY personal info on Facebook strikes me as a very poor idea.

  2. I don’t know how it happened, but all these corporations, and I do mean all, are run by like-minded liberal thinkers. They hold all the keys. There needs to be some major alternatives to these social media platforms and fast.

    1. The first alternative is not to participate, at least as a personal account. I lived without Facebook before it came along and I’ve done just fine since. I’m no about to let some petulant children have my info.

  3. Imagine if people said Maxine Waters should get the same treatment she says her opponents should get (confronting them, making their lives miserable, etc). FB will show its double standards real quick…

  4. The MSM & Dems want to silence Alex Jones who has been railing against them for 20 years. He has built up a huge media complex called Infowars that is 24/7 and has many, many different people hosting the shows. Most of them are not flamboyant like Alex Jones (who is very entertaining). Check out Inforwars on YouTube if you haven’t done so yet. They talk about the things going on behind the scenes and have excellent sources for their information.

    1. The good news is that Facebook’s stock is tanking. In my opinion, it was never of any real value anyhow, so it’s going where it needs to go, straight down the drain. I’d love to see Zuckerberg wearing a paper hat and suggesting an order of fries to go with that burger. 🙂

    2. I hear Twitter’s stock is taking a beating, too. If so, it serves ’em right for shadow-banning non-leftids.

    3. Properly used, I believe that Twitter has some merit. You could use it to post updates regarding the status of books you are working on, but as a catch-all bin for various little events in one’s life, it seems pointless. Tweeting about the lunch you have planned at a fancy restaurant tells criminals far too much about when you will not be home, for example, shows the danger.

      For a few hours, my phone number was inadvertently posted online by my domain-name registrar. Nearly a year later, I still get calls from various “tech companies”, mostly based in India, claiming to be alerting me to some terrible and dangerous problem with my web site . . . the one I don’t have.

      Privacy is precious. The fallout from Facebook and Twitter will probably outlive either of these companies by many years.

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