‘New Executive Order: “Target Behavior”‘ (2015)

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From the bad, bad, bad old days of the Obama regime:


I’m afraid too many people have already forgotten how bad it was, and how much more appallingly bad it would have gotten, had Hillary Clinton been elected to continue the experiment.

Government is supposed to be to us a minister for good, ordained by God, protecting us from evildoers and punishing those who have not been deterred from evil (Romans 13).

It’s not supposed to be an all-devouring monster.

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  1. The irony is that we, the people, looked the other way and left it to ‘others’ to pay attention to the misdeeds and lawlessness perpetrated upon us by our government. Satan is shrewd, lawless and prideful. He still believes his own hype. So do his compromised followers. Judgment looms at our door. America is a sinful nation. But, take heart people. Repent! God is in control, and He has already won!

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