‘Amazing Grace’ (Andrea Bocelli)

We aren’t one of those awful blogs that chase off family members. My wife discovered Andrea Bocelli yesterday, and his rendition of Amazing Grace brought her to tears. I’ve been saving it for this morning.

Born with poor eyesight, Bocelli became blind following a sports injury suffered when he was 12 years old. He has become one of the world’s most beloved singers; and we have him singing one of the world’s best-loved hymns.

4 comments on “‘Amazing Grace’ (Andrea Bocelli)

  1. He is a great favorite of mine, and one we hear far too seldom. What a
    magnificent gift he has!

  2. Andrea Bocelli always brings me to tears when he sings Amazing Grace, and this time is no exception. Thank you for posting this, Lee. Wonderful for both parts of the day – the morning and the evening. Volume up, eyes closed. Feel it!

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