By Request, ‘Amazing Grace’

Susan asked for this rendition of Amazing Grace, by Peter Hollens with Home Free. You’ll notice they don’t need any musical instruments to help them along: their voices are their instrument.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Bonus Hymn: ‘Amazing Grace’

Special hymn request from Susan: Amazing Grace, sung a capella by Peter Hollens with Home Free. I always try to post hymns requested by readers, so don’t be bashful. Was there ever a time in America when we needed hymns more?

‘Amazing Grace’ (Alan Jackson)

I’m listing your favorite hymns, dear readers, and I’m going to post them all, too, day by day. And the first one named is Amazing Grace. I hope you like this mellow rendition by Alan Jackson.

While I’m posting readers’ favorite hymns, we remain open for specific hymn requests. If you have a hymn you’d like to share, just leave a comment anywhere and we’ll do the rest.

‘Amazing Grace’ (Ernie Ford)

This is a wonderful rendition of Amazing Grace by Tennessee Ernie Ford, recorded in 1964.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

‘How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds’

This hymn’s been with us since 1779, but I’d never heard it until yesterday–How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds, by John Newton. Yes: the same John Newton who wrote Amazing Grace.

‘Amazing Grace’ (Andrea Bocelli)

Does this hymn, or this singer, need an introduction? Amazing Grace, sung by Andrea Bocelli.

By Request, ‘Amazing Grace’

Our friend SlimJim asked for this: Amazing Grace. I chose this instrumental version by Andre Rieu and his orchestra–you don’t really need the lyrics, do you? The hymn is so well-known. “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound/ That saved a wretch like me…”

By Request, ‘Amazing Grace’

Yes, I know I posted Amazing Grace just a couple of days ago. But “SlimJim” asked for it, and anyway, I’m not sure there’s any such thing as too much Amazing Grace.

I selected this performance by Andre Rieu and his orchestra–and by Jove, before I was over, my eyes were filling up with tears. Ditto for a lot of people in the audience. They’re filling up again now. Stop that! Sorry–I can’t see Andre Rieu without thinking of my aunts’ living room at Christmas-time.

And no, we are never going to meet the mortal who has had his fill of God’s grace.

By Request, ‘Amazing Grace’ on Panpipes

Joshua has requested this: Amazing Grace, played on panpipes by David Doring. Doring was born in Kazakhstan and there should be an umlaut over the “o” in his name, but I have no idea how to achieve that on my keyboard. Doring is a widely-traveled performer, so I can’t tell you which mountains provide the setting for this performance.

But I can tell you that God’s grace reaches even into the stones on the slope.

‘Amazing Grace’ (Andrea Bocelli)

We aren’t one of those awful blogs that chase off family members. My wife discovered Andrea Bocelli yesterday, and his rendition of Amazing Grace brought her to tears. I’ve been saving it for this morning.

Born with poor eyesight, Bocelli became blind following a sports injury suffered when he was 12 years old. He has become one of the world’s most beloved singers; and we have him singing one of the world’s best-loved hymns.