My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 2 (‘Democratic Socialism and Mob Rule)

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Put a few news stories together, and you’ve got a pretty good picture of what America will look like if Democrats are ever able to make their dreams come true. Sort of a Soviet Russia without the balalaika music.

Yeah, yeah, “socialism” really, truly works in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark–small countries with culturally homogeneous populations (until they started importing Muslims, big-time), miniscule defense budgets, where everybody works and there is no sprawling underclass supported on the public dime. Only those countries are changing fast.

They won’t run out of money as fast as we would, if we tried the same policies–but they will run out of it someday.

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  1. Did you know that the average lib’ shovels 1/2 billion tons of BS on an unsuspecting world, every day? Well, sometimes it seems that way. These people are always on the lookout for a molehill to craft into a mountain.

    I remember this sort of thing in the late sixties. It was one phony crisis after another until some hippie found out that the trash furniture in their crash pad had value as antiques and discovered profit margins. Now, fully 50 years later, these people have spawned a generation completely disconnected from reality and they are back to their ways of bullying and shouting down anyone whom dares speak against them. It’s like a Monty Python scene, only frighteningly real:

    “That Capitalist turned me into a newt.”

    “You don’t look like a newt.”

    “Well, I got better, but he’s still a Capitalist and deserves to be lynched.”

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