When the Cat Wants to Play

I selected this video because I’m sure there’s an untold story in it. Why does the cat have to try so hard to get the dog to play? Why does the dog act like there will be some nasty surprise in store for him if he chases the cat? And why does he have his leash on in the house? And for that matter, what’s with that stockpile of slippers, shoes, and flip-flops? I’m beginning to get a rather hinky feeling about this place…

2 comments on “When the Cat Wants to Play

  1. I’m not sure of the answers to your questions about the videos, but I know of a certain feline who was watching in rapt attention. I guess it’s just the give and take of dogs and cats.

  2. One thing to remember – someone is filming so they’re obviously aware of the leash. Maybe the intention is to take the dog for a walk after the video As far as the stockpile of slippers, flip flops, etc., my guess is this is a family with at least a couple of children. The house is pretty well kept so I think it’s all as innocent as I suggest.

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