Q&A with Martin Selbrede: ‘A New Martyrdom Issue?’

Chalcedon’s ministry takes questions from listeners all over the world, to be answered on our own website (www.chalcedon.edu), on Facebook, and on Youtube by our vice president (and my mentor) Martin Selbrede. You might want to advance this video to 7:00 before you start listening to the questions, and Martin’s answers.


The first question is a hot one.

With governments insisting that we all go along with discarding “Male and female created He them” and adopt “the new truth” that “gender is a spectrum,” and start calling males females and females male because this is what these misguided persons demand of us, “Could this become a new martyrdom issue?” After all, people have lost their jobs for refusing to do this, and in some jurisdictions, using “the wrong pronoun” can get you tossed into prison.

Do we grin and bear it, or do we draw the line at this?

Martin summons Biblical arguments to explain why we must draw the line before we get pushed back any farther. “The Kingdom of God becomes a ghetto,” he warns, if Christians fail to exert a godly influence on society.

The Q&A is about an hour long, and there are three more questions answered after this one.

Plenty of food for thought!

4 comments on “Q&A with Martin Selbrede: ‘A New Martyrdom Issue?’

  1. Forcing someone to call a he a she, and vice versa, is compulsing someone to lie. If we don’t stand now, we will find ourselves with the same persecution the early church faced.

  2. We need to stand up and speak out for righteousness! In God there is no darkness found! This is wrong and this is the blind, dark cape the enemy is waving around worldwide! Even those who “claim” themselves to be followers of Christ is agreeing with such abomination! Sin is sin! It is wrong and God hates it! He made male and female. The woman was made for the man! In Genesis 1 &2 shows this evidence! We need to stand now and be the voice of truth!

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