Torture at the Laundromat

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One of the stiffer penalties you incur when you have to go to the laundromat during the day is exposure to The View. This Far Left talk show has the power to cause a dog’s teeth to fall out. It has been known to liquefy human brains. Couldn’t we just get one of those soap operas in which the characters spout incoherent dialogue and the story makes no sense?

Today they had a guest who maintained that “You don’t have to study anything to know that socialism is right.” One would think natural-born stupidity would suffice for that, but our schools make sure to back it up with an assiduous avoidance of modern history. Otherwise someone might notice that socialism has been an abject failure everywhere, and continues to be one today.

He was followed by a parade of whining leftid jidrools proclaiming Donald Trump the worst president ever–Sorry! That title belongs to ol’ *Batteries Not Included, hands down–and complaining how they suffer, just knowing Trump is in the White House.

Anything that upsets these people has got to be good for the country.

Oh–and in case we missed it, “T*H*E   R*U*S*S*I*A*N*S” provided the Green Party kook who made the Democoms lose in Ohio yesterday. Drat them pesky Russians. Whoever they are.

That anyone would choose to listen to this stuff on purpose is way beyond me.

8 comments on “Torture at the Laundromat

  1. Oh man that got on my nerves to read the View had “a guest who maintained that “You don’t have to study anything to know that socialism is right.'” That is why socialism is big among my generation (Millennials). No critical study of economics, the lack of awareness of history of socialism and Marxism in terms of its political effects, etc. A generation raised up watching Barnie the Dinosaur is now voting for Bernie because its hipster…

  2. When the Left link their bumper sticker slogans into what they call policy, radio host Hugh Hewitt calls it a word salad. To try to make sense of what that Cortes lady says will cause headaches. The more she and Bernie Sanders are out there, the better for the forces of truth. If they will let Hillary Clinton out of her cage, that would be even better.

  3. It always amazes, and disappoints me, that everywhere you go, there has to be a TV blasting away. Apparently the attention span of some people is so short, these days, that they can’t go even a few minutes without some distraction. A few years ago, I went to a doctor’s office with a large waiting room that was setup like a theater, with rows and rows of chairs facing a massive TV. I couldn’t stand being there and waited in the hall.

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