Lest We Forget: ‘Can Sheer Idiocy Stop a Hurricane?’ (2016)

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Those midterm elections will be here before you know it, and Democrats are counting on two years of tantrums to either swing you around to their way or else be just too disgusted to bother going to the polls.

But the Democrat Party must be destroyed, put out of business forever. And lest we forget why, sniff this little bouquet from the closing chapter of the Obama regime… and tell me how it smells to you.


Vote for us, and we’ll stop the hurricanes.

Let’s promise ourselves and each other not to stop until every last Democrat is driven out of public office, never, never, never to return.

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  1. Lee, you are so right on target. Yesterday I went to see Dinesh D’Sousa’s new movie, “Death of a Nation” with a friend. Everyone should see it. From the early days of the US, the Democrats were in favor of slavery, big government, etc., while Republicans were the opposite. Many don’t know it, but if they get what they want, the USA will cease to exist as it was founded.

    I live in Massachusetts and was once a lobbyist at the State House for a pro-family, pro-life non-profit (Massachusetts Family Institute). It became so clear to me that the Democrats, if given enough power, would destroy everything we stand for. There were some good Democrats at the State House, but they were few, and are even fewer now. Unfortunately, Registered Republicans are only about 12% in this state.

    Our Republican governor, Charlie Baker, “the most popular governor in the country,” according to the Democrats, is a RINO, and mostly gives them what they want. He is pro-gay and pro-abortion.

    Amazingly, we have a man running for Governor who is like Trump in that he fearlessly tells it like it is. He is a pastor and a Constitutional attorney, has been through hell himself, is being slandered as a hater, and I believe he is a God-send. His name is Scott Lively. He is the best thing that could happen to us.

    Please pray for Massachusetts.

    1. Scott Lively’s been in the front lines of the battle for a long time. It’ll take a miracle to elect him governor of Massachusetts. But God likes us to pray for miracles.

      Encourage the Green Party to run a really kooky candidate. That’ll siphon of thousands of Democrat votes.

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