A Mother Hen and Her… What?

You won’t believe this video. And I’d better watch out, or I won’t be able to eat chicken anymore.

This hen has adopted a kitten. She broods it. And the kitten, if removed, crawls back under the chicken. Did you know God put that that much love in His creation, even in its fallen state? Whatever will it be like, once He regenerates it?

The only problem here is that the chicken can’t nurse the kitten. The participating human will have to do that. But someday that’ll make for quite a memory.

One comment on “A Mother Hen and Her… What?”

  1. That’s a pretty amazing demonstration of maternal love. I guess it’s a demonstration of the love our Father has for all of His creation and imbued into His creations.

    Between this and the Chinese Alligator, it’s been quite the animal day, here at Chez Lee.

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