Using Children as Political Props–Again

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An 11-year-old girl in Maryland is now, er, famous for showing her disdain for America by kneeling during the Pledge of Allegiance at school–and Hillary Clinton, the unindicted felon who tried to be president, has given her a big thumbs-up. “Keep up the good work!”  crowed Hillary (

The child said she was “inspired” by former NFL washout Colin Kaepernick, the loser who started all this. The ACLU is getting involved. The kid has been on TV. Maybe the Democrats could run her for the Senate or something.

At 11 years old, it’s not remotely possible that this child knows what she’s talking about. But I’m sure she knows she’s famous now. Won’t those other kids be jealous! And of course there’s absolutely, positively no way she could’ve been put up to this by some publicity-hungry adult.

I hate it when they use children as props. At worst it will corrupt them. At very best it’s taking shameful advantage of their innocence. If there is a lower form of life than a liberal, I can’t imagine what it is.

Go ahead–you tell me what happens to a country that teaches its next generation to despise it.

Liberalism must be utterly destroyed. Before it destroys America.

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    1. I first encountered this disgusting behavior when I was a reporter covering teachers’ strikes. They had the gall to parade children in front of us, pleading for their beloved schoolteachers to get mo’ money (already earning a lot more than daddy or mommy) and they could go back to school, sniff-sniff, we miss school sooooo much!


    2. Among the essentials of liberalism is the compulsion to force other people to say things they know are not true. This weakens their self-respect and makes them less able to resist tyranny.

      They never miss a chance to start this process early, on children.

  1. Liberals are leading the way with America never was great. Now what is that saying about Americans today, let alone those in the past? If we are such a sorry people maybe the Liberals should begin their plans for genocide – of course they will start with the Christians & Jews.

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