We Has to Got open Boarders!!

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I gode to a sembinar Last “nihght” it was abote Open Boarders and This it reely is a Grate Idear!!!

The prefesser he gived Three Reezins to has Open Boarders of this no-good countrie It wasnt never That grate!!!

Reezin 1, iff we gets a Billyin imbagrints like reel fasst “and” puts them all On Wellfair thare wont be No Mor Repubickens ealected never agin!!!

Reezin Nu. 2, whith all them peeple comming in from Thrid Whorld we can finely ferget abote “that” stopid old Consatutchian it was writ “bye” Evel Wite Hetrosexule Mails anyhow and whith alll them peple comming hear The Guvramint it whill jist has to growe Biggger and biggger and biggger!! to take care of all them imbagrints and we can ferget abote stuph like Voting and laws and Tryals and the Guvramint it willl jist has to do What Ever “it” got to do to Keep “the” hole plaice From faling Apart!!!

Reezin Numb. 3,, we can aslo ferget alll abote Inglish and stopid Racist Americken cultchure it whil be jist This “hole” Gient Swarmb of peple whith “a” Thusand Diffrint Lingages al at once,, that whil Be “the End” of peeple has Jobs and thare own Howses and Cars but so waht the Guvramint it wil jist has to “Pack” them al into Staydeums and plaices like that!!!

This it wil all Work “reely Grate” becose us Intrallecturals we whil be In Charge of evry Thing!!! Immajin how “wunderfull” it @ willl “be” if us who got Gender Studdies deegrees we findly get “to” Rule the hole “cuontry”!”

Aslo thare woont be “no moar” Meaet to Eat but i dont care,, i amb hongry now for Somb nice Taystee jim sox!!!

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