So You Want to be Implanted with a Chip?

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Eighty employees at Three-Square Market now have microchips embedded in their hands, and… “they love it” ( Now they can get a can of soda from the office vending machine with just a wave of the hand.

Where do I sign up for the next Sasquatch hunt?

Privacy concerns, the risk of identity theft, your every activity tracked by whoever knows how to hack the system–nah, who cares about that stuff? I can get a soda just by waving my hand!

Buying souls comes cheap these days.

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  1. The creepy bit is toward the end, about having doctors and nurses wear bracelets to monitor hand washing…who could be against enforced hand washing, right? It used to just be criminals who were monitored with bracelets. The technology now exists to track and monitor anybody’s behavior anywhere.

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