They Asked for Censorship…

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I’ve decided to ban a certain party from this blog, since he only comes in here to pick fights and sneer at everybody.

Ordinarily I hate to do that, and have done it only two or three times in eight years. I don’t want to be like a liberal, trying to silence every opinion but my own.

But surveying today’s political landscape, and the wave of censorship hurled against conservatives by socialist social media, schools and colleges, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party, I can’t help noting how much they seem to dote on censorship: and I had to ask myself, “who am I to withhold from them the experience of being censored for their views?”

Oh! But you’re declaring war on a point of view!

Yeah, well, the people who hold to the liberal persuasion have been waging war on my side for years, without any pushback. It’s time we gave them some.

The time to show compassion to the Left is after it has been totally defeated and put out of business forever.

20 comments on “They Asked for Censorship…

    1. This is extremely troubling, and I don’t know what to do about it. Especially when WordPress doesn’t say what, exactly, FOTM did “wrong.” Kind of hard to avoid breaking the alleged rules when you don’t know what the rules are.

      What to do? Congress really ought to put a stop to what is, in effect, a viewpoint monopoly. But just try getting them to act!

      This blog is a very important part of my work, and I’d feel lost without it.

    2. I’ve been looking at those Terms of Service. They include a vague admonition to “be responsible” about what content you publish on your blog, but that seems mostly directed as Spam, computer viruses, and NOT non-conforming thought. But it’s vague enough to allow them to ban anything, for whatever reason.

      From this I can’t guess how FOTM could have violated the Terms of Service. Around the Internet there’s sort of a buzz about FOTM being banned for suggesting Sandy Hook was a hoax staged by the Obama regime to help impose gun control.

      Why would anyone get banned for making such a ridiculous charge as that? The response is out of all proportion to the stimulus.

      Well, I guess I know what I’m gonna write about tomorrow.

    3. This is very troubling. It comes down to a monopoly on the flow of information, and that’s downright dangerous. I can’t say that I’m surprised, however. I really think this is somewhat a Mark of the Beast issue.

    4. Sadly, these tech companies are so powerful that they hold immense political sway. I fear that some of our leadership just wont act against them.

    5. It’s not fair to lay everything on President Trump–but he may be the only politician who sides with the American people.

  1. Reading the comments thread below, I am reminded that those who are held down and persecuted in such ways usually manage to find ways around their oppressors and rise above. The tighter this communication noose gets, the harder we will fight to be heard, and the more innovative our approach will become. I have faith that so long as we are speaking God’s truth, he will not allow us to be completely silenced. He still reigns above all.

    1. For the time being, it cheeses me off that we have to make like a minority in our own country which we founded and built, by God’s grace and no other–and I think we ought to flex our muscle while we’ve still got it.

    1. Gasp! Trying to do two days’ work in one morning–tomorrow’s first three posts, for instance–because I have a doctor’s appointment and that often chews up the entire morning. Oh! And a newswithviews column, too! And a trip to the bank for more of Aunt Joan’s paperwork.

      Can I sneak out for a cigar?

      PS–Glad to see you here today, Linda. And don’t worry about me, the appointment is only a routine checkup.

  2. Amen! Conservatives have to take the offensive, because if we always take the defensive we will always lose, sooner or later. The water is boiling, the frogs just don’t know it because the water was SLOWLY heated up.
    Keep up the good work!

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