Hello, Anybody There?

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I don’t appear to be getting any reads for this morning’s posts, so I’ve got to ask–are you seeing them, anybody? I don’t know how WordPress works at the readers’ end. Do they notify you when I put up a new post?

Usually by this time (1 p.m.) there are at least half a dozen hits for each new post. Today it’s only one or zero.

I’m asking about this because I never know when WordPress is going to **change** something for me, without my knowledge–and whenever that happens, this blog has major problems.

So if you can see this morning’s posts, please let me know.

P.S.–Thanks to all of you who’ve notified me that everything’s normal here today.

7 comments on “Hello, Anybody There?

  1. I’ve been up to my neck in work this morning, but I’m pretty sure everything’s showing up as normal on your blog.

  2. Same here, Lee. Tied up all morning. Just checked in and here you are.

    Thank for “The King of Love My Shepherd is.” How comforting.

  3. The Bob & Ray post has comments disabled. I was going to comment on how their laid back humor would not make it in today’s short attention span society. Thanks to modern technology they can still be enjoyed by those of us who are not all hyped up and neurotic and in need of special effects to keep our attention. You want to hear people who talk slow? Come down South in the backwoods and find an old-timer.

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