A Sign for All Times

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A hat tip to Steve Patterson’s Courageous Christian Father blog for calling attention to this wonderful church sign from Harrogate, Tennessee. (I couldn’t find a reblog button on his page, so this will have to do.)

7 comments on “A Sign for All Times

    1. *sigh* I knock myself out writin’ all these important Serious posts, and it’s church signs and cat videos that get the views. Are the readers trying to tell me something?

    2. Some of us have been locked off from blogging for months and unable to post- apparently what the idiots call “folding over a paper clip” and simply know better than to comment. Sorry. The state of censorship.

  1. The only thing I can tell you is that I just miss out on a lot of posts, and sometimes find them in the wrong part of my inbox. A of times, it tells me
    comments disabled. Something nutty is going on. Then some days, I just don’t get around to reading my email for one reason or another. I like all
    your writings, never miss a NWV post.

    1. Did I make it sound like I’m getting jealous of myself? The cat videos and church signs are provided for pure and innocent enjoyment.

      I don’t know about the other stuff, but comments disabled, that’s my fault. That’s because the WordPress default position is “comments disabled,” and so every time I post something, I have to go through several steps to get the comments re-enabled. If I forget just one–no comments till I fix it.

      I’m afraid to ask them to fix this, in case they replace this problem with something much, much worse.

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