Chasing Tail

“No matter which way you turn, your tail’s behind you.”  –wise old Abnak proverb

It’s not just our own goofy cats and dogs that chase their tails. According to this video, just about all animals do it–even lizards. Apparently we tail-less humans are missing out on a good thing.

Watch the mouse go! How do they do that without getting dizzy?

2 comments on “Chasing Tail

  1. I would have never imagined that a horse would chase its tail, but at least I learned something new today.

    The little gray mouse made me dizzy, just to watch. 🙂 I wasn’t terribly surprised by the Mountain Lion, they’re just oversized house cats. The Lion was more of a surprise.

    My cat has a long, luxuriant tail and she will attack it with vigor if it happens to be visible in whatever contortion she is in at the moment, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her actually chase her tail. However, if she think I’m going to open the fridge she will chase me.

    BTW, I agree completely that we tail-less humans are missing out on a good thing. Maybe we should sue the estate of Charles Darwin. 🙂

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