The Protective Instinct

Sometimes domestication can lead to our pets’ protective instincts taking curious forms, as seen in this video. But we also see what it’s really all about–when the ducks won’t let the fox come near their ducklings… and when the cranes escort an alligator out of their neighborhood. Would you volunteer to see off a full-grown gator? (If so, the line forms over there–behind you.)

2 comments on “The Protective Instinct

  1. I like the scene in the movie “Pink Panther” where Inspector Clouseau asks the hotel attendant if his dog bites, and he answers “No.” Then Clouseau reaches down to pet the dog and gets bit, and yells at the attendant, “I thought you said your dog doesn’t bite.” “I did,” replies the attendant. “That’s not my dog.” (P.S. I couldn’t put Clouseau’s accent into the text).

  2. I can’t speak about cranes, but from personal experience, I can state without fear of equivocation that domestic geese can be great security guards. Years ago, in the course of my work, I strayed too near the property line of an unfenced yard protected by geese and found that extracting myself was a bit of a challenge. I think they wanted to take me prisoner, or something. I ended up stretching my arms out like a giant goose and charging in their direction. When they fled, I turned and ran like my life depended on it. It MAY have. 🙂

    Then there’s the story of the time a flock of domestic Turkeys decided they didn’t like me. I won’t go into details, but I ended up running for dear life.

    I’ve seen the clip of the cat and the bear before. I’ve also seen a clip of a cat literally chasing a bear, and the bear was “getting out of Dodge” as fast as he could run. Who says bears are stupid? 🙂

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