Serenity Break: Seahorses

I think God enjoyed creating seahorses.

Just watch. Let peace wash over you. There will still be seahorses when the Lord regenerates His creation; but there will be a lot of other things for which no place shall anymore be found.

And I don’t think we’ll miss those things.

3 comments on “Serenity Break: Seahorses

  1. That is peaceful. Imagine their lives, moving gracefully through the water, feeding and apparently interacting with other seahorses, to some degree. What simple beauty.

    Indeed, there will be many things we will never miss, when creation is restored to its original intent. Flashing images and harsh music, which are so often seen on TV and movies will not be missed. The moral vacuum of today’s society will not be missed and, I’m certain, the grueling pressures of sustaining ourselves in an unforgiving world of harsh competition will not be missed.

    Recently, I was relieved of some great burdens and I can’t over express the sense of relief I feel. What an amazing feeling to experience. I literall had a physical reaction which was visible to the person I was having lunch with that day. Such a relief is but a tiny fraction of what all mankind will experience at the Restitution of all Things.

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