By Request, ‘Arise, My Soul, Arise’

We have a hymn request this morning, this one from Joshua, for Arise, My Soul, Arise by Charles Wesley, performed a capella by Glad. It’s amazing, how well some of the 18th century hymns adapt to modern arrangements.

Yo, if you’re new here, let me tell you that we take hymn requests, one a day or even two, if we can get them. If there’s a favorite hymn or worship song you’d like to see posted here, just let us know and we’ll do the rest. You can make your request as a “reply” to any blog post or comment.

7 comments on “By Request, ‘Arise, My Soul, Arise’

  1. Thank you! For some reason I can’t listen to this song on YouTube here in Japan, but I’m glad that it’s watchable in America and, I hope, in other countries.

    1. No, I couldn’t, but that’s OK. There must be some kind of region code in this video, which causes this problem (A few other videos on YouTube have this same problem, too). (I have the CD, so that’s why I know about this song).

    2. Well, thanks for sharing it with everybody else. My wife thought it was positively beautiful.

      I don’t understand the purpose of region codes.

    3. It’s my pleasure, and thank you for posting it!
      I don’t understand region codes either.

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