Hapy Laber day!!

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Twomorrow it is Laber day and that “is” kindof a funny “holladay” fore us hear at Collidge becose i amb a Intallectural and us interllecturals we know Work It Blows! Thare shuldnt be no boddy have to Work axcept mayby christins and Wyte hetrosexules thay are no good for anny thing Elsse!!

Butt evin if thare isnt no Work no moar thare shuld stil “Be” Laber unyins!!! I can not Staite that stronglie enuohgh!!!

That “is” becose Laber unyins thay are reely trooly transsend boarders and contries and stuff and Thay Can Be “the” bassis of a Genuwine Globble Guvernmint!!! My prefesser he teaches us al aboat this Grate Gye his name “it” was Jimy Hoffah and the Catapillists thay had Jimy Hoffah killled to Stopp “him” from bein Pressadint it was as Bad as waht thay done “to” Hillary,, Trumpt and The Russhins thay kild Jimy Hoffah!!

Yiu see It “is” alyaws them repubbicans thay Try to stopp the Globble Guvermint fromb bein Set Up “becose” thenn thare wuld be Socile Jutstus and “evry boddy” thay wuld be Gay and Lezbien!!! and thare wuld be “no moar” Religgin neether!! Laber unyins thay reely culd make The Whorld a erthly Paradize and No One thay wuld has to do no Work no moare!!!


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  1. Collige Joe in union with the Globalists – what a picture that makes. I’m sure Joe’s celebrating the fact that the the latest Hollywood movie about Neil Armstrong walking on the moon does not show the American flag being planted on the surface because what NASA did was transcending nationalism and boundaries.

  2. As always, Joe has answers. The fact that these answers have failed in the past just makes him try all that harder. 🙂

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