Moon Landing Movie: Stealing History

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Actors are such drips. But they only parrot what they hear from others. In fact, that’s their job–speaking lines written by others.

The First Man, Universal Pictures’ dramatization of the 1969 moon landing (slated for release October 12)… leaves out the historical fact–and arguably the centerpiece of the drama–of astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planting the American flag on the surface of the moon (


Because, says the Canadian actor who plays Armstrong in the movie, the moon landing “transcended countries and borders.” He said this at the Venice Film Festival, where the movie was trotted out for a foreign audience.

Goldarn countries and borders! When are we gonna get rid of them and have a nice, cozy, global government?

So who put the first man on the moon? Italy? Saudi Arabia? Peru?

The answer is “the United States of America,” with American technology and know-how, paid for by the American people with their taxes. It was not a “We Are the World” moment. It was an American moment. We did it. That the rest of the world benefited by it, and might have even rejoiced in it, is beside the point. We did it, world: not you. And to this day no other country has matched this achievement.

We didn’t claim the moon as U.S. territory; but Congress declared “this was a United States project.” As if that even needed to be said in 1969.

But it does need to be said now, in 2018, as the international community seeks to hijack one of America’s signature achievements.

I saw our flag planted on the moon, on live TV. So did millions of other people. And we remember, in spite of the Open Borders crowd trying to infect us with amnesia.

And they can take their unhistorical movie and stick it.

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  1. Traveling today, so I’m a bit scarce, but I just have to comment on all of this revisionism. People don’t realize that once you start rewriting history, it’s a very slippery slope.

  2. There is a globalist mindset at work here, but make no mistake this was a distinct American achievement.

  3. Correct. We did it. We all know this country is not perfect, and never has been, but it is the best this world has to offer. Why else do people think everyone and his dog from every place in the world works so hard to get here. Incredible stupidity.

    1. Indeed. Erline. We may not be perfect, in fact I know that we aren’t, but we are th only country to put a man on the moon.

  4. This brings us a sticky point – when China or Russia or whoever finally makes it to the moon are they going to claim it for themselves like the Colonists of old? Can you picture the headline?: “War breaks out on the Moon.”

  5. There are movies which steal history, which is sad, but there is also a movie about the moon being stolen.

    1. At the risk of seeming totally out of touch (a risk which I seem to be running every day), I have never seen “Despicable Me” and have no idea what it’s about.

    2. It’s an animated show, mostly for kids, but fun for adults. It’s about a bad guy that finds his heart.

    3. It’s a ‘Universal’ animation movie about a thief with no hair and has a pointy nose, a small body, long legs, and black clothes (He always wears a scarf), named Gru, who isn’t satisfied in what he steals. So, he, his Minions (small, yellow alien-like creatures who like bananas and have abnoxious voices), a mad professor, and three little girls try to steal the moon, which is totally crazy. But a bad guy with glasses and an orange suit named Victor, who once stole an Egyptian pyramid, wants the moon for himself. Gru manages to go into space and shrinks the moon into the size of a baseball, but Victor takes it away from him. Later the moon returns to its original size and place, and Victor ends up getting stuck on the moon. Gru and his friends lived happily ever after!
      The End

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