‘Like a River Glorious’

Here it’s a dark and dreary, rainy morning, Labor Day is already upon us–wasn’t it Easter, just last week?–so we want a hymn to brighten up the day: Like a River Glorious, a classic from 1876, played by Nathan and Lyle and a couple of their friends. In someone’s living room. Any time you can get the Lord’s presence into your living room, go for it.

3 comments on “‘Like a River Glorious’

  1. We had a thunderstorm roll through last night with a glorious shower of life-giving water, so today is a crystal-clear sky with the most beautiful blue skies serving as a backdrop. I love thinking of peace as a river and we are riding on it in the raft of salvation.

  2. Good words, whiterabbit. I agree. After days of heavy smoke from the wild fires in the region, we also have sunshine, clear skies but also strong winds. Beter than smoke.

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