When Is a Kitty not a Kitty?

If you thought only the Three Stooges made this mistake, you thought wrong.

You don’t need Mr. Nature to tell you that a skunk is not a cat and mustn’t be handled like a cat. But as you’ll see in this video, there’s always somebody who doesn’t know the difference. And he’s never the one who gets sprayed.

We have skunks in our neighborhood, but they’ll put up with a lot before they cut loose–as our neighbor’s otherwise good dog (old enough to know better!) found out recently.

6 comments on “When Is a Kitty not a Kitty?

  1. They are no one to trifle with. Years ago, I saw a skunk about 50’ away and tried to shoe it away by making some noise. It took off running in my direction and I beat a hasty retreat.

  2. Funny, but it’s a trick. A real skunk attack would leave a skunk smell on that man for days. I know of people who had to abandon their house for several days when a skunk had smelled up the place.

    1. You think it was a bogus video? For all we know, the man who got sprayed really did stink for several days. But if there was something that tipped you off, what was it?

    2. If you are sprayed directly by a skunk, your olfactory sense is overwhelmed and you can’t smell it. My guess is that it was a put-up job with a de-scented skunk. Besides that, wild skunks get mad and stamp their feet when bothered, this one looked tame as . . . a kitten. 🙂

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