‘Now That’s a Mystery!’ (2016)

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The place has got funny trees, too.

Socotra Island, in the Arabian Sea, is over 200 miles from the nearest land. If you want to get there, you need a boat or a plane. So scientists had a big surprise a couple of years ago when they discovered prehistoric stone tools there.

Now That’s a Mystery!

Not just any stone tools. The oldest kind. The kind scientists say were only made by the most primitive hominids, Homo habilis, a million years ago.

So how did they wind up on Socotra?

The Darwinian model offers no explanation for this. Maybe the scientists had better un-discover the tools.

It takes full-fledged people-people to build a ship capable of going to Socotra. And there’s no getting around that.

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  1. The Darwinian model offers no explanation for so many things it should have collapsed as a scientific theory years ago. But because fallen man loves unrighteousness more than the truth, they embrace a lie – and what a whopper of a lie Darwinism is!

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