Tree-Hugging… for Crazies

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Not content with making students ill-informed and stupid, America’s colleges and looniversities want to go on to make them crazy, too.

At St. Mary’s University, in Maryland, the hot feminist trend is “ecosexual,” defined as “one who takes the earth as their [sic] lover” ( We shall not address the bad grammar.

“If more people viewed trees as romantic partners…” This stuff first appeared in a publication called “Feminist Theory.” That’s probably all you need to know about it.

To get “educated” (lol) into feminist theory at St. Mary’s costs you about $28,000 a year if you’re a Maryland resident, and over $43.000 if you’re from out of state. If you manage to whip through to your degree in a mere four years, that’s $113,000 and change for Marylanders, and $175,000 for out-of-staters. Keep them checks comin’, Ma!

No cost at all, though, if you have the good sense to stay away.

7 comments on “Tree-Hugging… for Crazies

  1. Looniversities, I like it. All these bizarre behaviors stem from the rejection of God. Not mention the terrible atheistic philosophies that have spawned communism, eugenics, moral relativism, and the like.

  2. Truly astounding when you think about it. They say the mean income in America is around $50,000 a year, so where are all these students getting the money? Oh yeah, I forgot, gov’t student loans. How much longer can this charade continue? I have always heard, “What goes up, must come down,” and “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

    1. Go to college and end up getting indoctrinated, in debt, with a usually worthless degree. Makes you wonder why anyone goes at all.

    2. They go because of one of the world’s great selling jobs: “You need college, or you can’t get ahead in life!” If that ever was true, it certainly isn’t anymore.

  3. Lee, you ruined my day. I split up with my toaster oven and was courting a Paulownia tree, but now I feel embarrassed. Where’s my Play-Doh? 🙂

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