Joe Collidge’s Future in Doubt

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Usually on Fridays this blog gets a visit from Joe Collidge, and we get an update on educational failure and intellectual mischief. But now Joe’s future is a bit iffy. I mean the future of those “Joe Collidge” posts. We know his actual future is somewhat worse off than just iffy.

At least one reader wants Joe to go away. At least one wants him to stay. What about the rest of you? Should he be voted off the island?

The picture above is not Joe himself, but one of his Gender Studies professors. Joe puts a waste basket over his head whenever anyone tries to take his picture. The fact that he has grown a pair of moth antennae seems to embarrass him.

6 comments on “Joe Collidge’s Future in Doubt

  1. That headline really upset me. No more Joe? How else are we to keep up with the monolithic brainwashing that is going on in the looniversities? Maybe we can set up a GoFundMe site for Joe to make sure he stays in college for another ten years (it would be too dangerous to let him out in the real world).

  2. Please keep Joe. I like the way he messes up the spelling very neatly. In fact, I learn new things from Joe Collidge.

    1. Well, yeah, I think you’re right… but at least I learned that the first chess games were played under the ocean… right? 🐷

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