How to Bathe a… Sloth

If you’re one of many people thinking of opening a sloth grooming parlor, pay especially close attention to this video. Note that the little guy’s patience wears rather thin if he’s not allowed to cling to his stuffed toy. This can be avoided by getting the stuffed toy soaking wet and not washing or drying those parts of the sloth that were pressed tightly to the toy. Be sure to invent some convincing lies to tell dissatisfied customers.

3 comments on “How to Bathe a… Sloth

  1. Thanks for spilling the beans, Lee. I was going to get out of this dead-end Network Engineering racket and open a sloth grooming salon, but now, thanks to you, everyone knows where the big bucks are and will be competing against me. 🙂

    What a dear little creature. It seems to really like to cling to stuffed toys, towels, and sloth groomers. It’s just another manifestation of God’s love, right before our eyes. We can’t interact with all of these various wonders of creation, but we still have ready access to dogs and cats, which are equally amazing. Typing this reply was interrupted while a certain Felis Sylvestrus gave me my afternoon hand washing. Not as exotic as a two-toed sloth, but no less wondrous.

  2. This reminds me of my Pomeranian dog we had for 18 wonderful years. When he was going to get a bath, he would fight it tooth and nail, but once the water had saturated his abundant fur coat and his appearance turned into that of a sewer rat. When it was all over and he had been blown-dried and brushed, he was the happiest critter on the earth.

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