Not-so-Friendly Persuasion

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Democrats have added a new technique to their election playbook–stabbing the opposition.

In Castro Valley (dig that name!), California, a Democrat named Farzad Fazeli tried to stab a Republican Congressional candidate, after first treating the candidate to a torrent of profanity applied to him and to President Donald Trump ( Mr. Fazeli had a switchblade, but providentially “the knife malfunctioned.” Don’t you just hate those wardrobe malfunctions? Maybe he can get a refund on that switchblade.

For his efforts, Mr. Fazeli was arrested and jailed. The candidate was not injured.

Mr. Fazeli and his mother insist the candidate started the rough stuff. We are at liberty not to believe them.

The Democrat candidate is on record declining to endorse murder as a legitimate electioneering tactic.

Prediction: We’re going to see more of this before this election season is over. Democrats are very serious about getting back into control of Congress.

Please don’t vote for them.


7 comments on “Not-so-Friendly Persuasion

    1. Absolutely, but in more ways then one.
      During the Revolutionary war there was a soldier in the Colonial army that had same-sex attractions, and George Washington had him drummed out of the camp because of it. But nowadays people are drummed into the military for the same reasons that they were drummed out about 240-250 years ago.
      People are REALLY mixed up!

      For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.
      Romans 3:23

  1. The more to the Left the Dems go, the more dangerous they become. If you only listened to the MSM you would believe all the violence is on the Right. As usual, the reporting of the MSM (the strong arm of the Democratic Party) is upside down.

  2. This is so wrong; I wonder why I didn’t hear about this on the news but I found it on your blog…must be the lame media is not interested in sharing this. Imagine if it was a Republican instead…it would be the biggest news for days

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