These Kids Are Not All Right

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So how’s that wonderful post-Christian culture working out for us?

In Auburn, Washington, a couple of “youths”–the attached video will make it clear what that’s a euphemism for–robbed a convenience store at a Shell station after the clerk suddenly suffered a heart attack and collapsed to the floor ( It took the youths only a moment to decide to jump over the counter and rob the cash register.

They made no attempt to summon help for the stricken clerk.

The incident was captured on the store’s surveillance camera. Click the link to watch the video. Police shouldn’t find it difficult to find and bust the robbers, if they try.

The clerk is now in a hospital, on life support. Had any of the “youths” called for an ambulance right away, the man’s chances of survival might be better.

The question is: Who is training these children? Who has permitted them to grow up into heartless, cruel, moral imbeciles?

God help us if we won’t help each other.

Someone is building a world that won’t be very nice, or safe, to live in. But that’s the kind of world you get when God’s laws are ignored.

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  1. Apparently youths has a different meaning than it did when I was considered one. Animalistic behavior, plain and simple. How much do you want to bet that if they are apprehended they will try to play the victim card?

    They have clear video of their faces, etc. but who knows if they’ll ever be held to account.

  2. That is the primary problem these days. Everyone from the top down is
    not held accountable. It has never worked out well for anyone from the beginning of time until the present, and it never will. God will only remain patient for so long, then it is all over for the law-breakers.

    1. History would suggest as much. We are not living up to the standards we used to hold sacred and it’s catching up with us as a civilization.

  3. Odds are these youths grew up without a father figure (unless their father was in prison, which ups the odds they will end up there themselves). The post-Christian culture is based on the unimportance, and thus the destruction of, the two-parent family. As a result, the government becomes the provider, and then eventually the god of the culture. You break God’s laws and ways, and they break you.

    1. This is what comes of letting villains take over our education, our news media, our politics, and our courts.
      I’m afraid they always had Hollywood.

    2. As Reagan so famously said: Socialism only works in two places; heaven, where they don’t need it and hell, where they already have it.

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