Why Can’t I Post This Picture?

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Facebook wouldn’t let me share my previous post, “To Be a Writer–Read!”, and I have no idea why. This box kept coming up, saying I had a link that was blocked. The only link I had was to a picture.

What’s this all about?

Well, let me see if I can post this one. *Sigh*

4 comments on “Why Can’t I Post This Picture?

  1. Another thing I have noticed about the best writers is they loved writing when young, as well as reading. It goes with the territory. It is kind of like being a radio talk show host, it seems like an easy gig until you try it yourself – to be good takes enormous talent and effort.

    1. Not so much talent as committed practice. Most people who are, or were, world class at something, weren’t talented in it they just did it for 10,000 hours; eventually getting so good at it that people thought they were talented. It’s a proven fact.
      So yes, most people who start really young are extremely good at it when they are young adults.

    2. It’s funny how I can feel so good about something when I’m writing it; but when I read it a year or so later, I can’t believe I spent my time writing it. Some things that I spent hours and hours writing in, a few years ago, I don’t even want to remember.

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