UN Takes Credit for ‘Changing the Weather’

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Changing the weather… the old-fashioned way

In addition to being venal, mendacious, and vain, our world’s ruling class also seems to be going downright loony.

From one Patricia Espinosa, head honcho of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, this astonishing remark:

“By raising our ambition of #climateaction, we are not just changing the weather, we are building a better future for us all” (https://www.wnd.com/2018/09/official-claims-u-n-regs-changing-the-weather/).

Great Caesar’s ghost.

So they’re changing the weather, are they? Impressive! It used to be you had to hire a witch to do that. But we can do better. We’ve got the dodos at the United Nations. And they’re changing the weather even as we speak.

This comes on the heels of our free and independent press, to wit The Washington Post, accusing President Donald Trump of being “complicit” in Hurricane Florence. They want to blame him for starting the hurricane in the first place, but they won’t credit him with tamping it back down to a Category 1.

If only we give these creatures fantastic new powers to control every aspect of our lives, and also hand over lots and lots more money to them, they’ll see to it that there’s no more bad weather. The Japanese government recently admonished its citizens “to go to sleep earlier” and not stay up watching TV ’cause it uses electricity. Do the people get a government bedtime story to help them into the Land of Nod?

God save us from fools who think they can save the world.

9 comments on “UN Takes Credit for ‘Changing the Weather’

  1. What a shocker it will be for these nitwits when the Great White Throne’s
    King makes His judgement on their pathetic thoughts and actions. How I would hate to be in their boots.

  2. President Trump has only been in office for one and a half years and yet he is being blamed for Hurricane Florence because he pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord (what planet are these people hallucinating?). If man is contributing to Global Warming, it is the nations of China & India who are burning all that dirty coal. America has actually lowered the amount of carbon output she produces even below what the Paris Climate Accord required, but don’t tell the lying MSM about it – they are not interested in facts.

  3. I guess that makes the honchos the UN modern day shamens. Who knew good vibes and hashtags could change the weather.

  4. Do you suppose the UN is another crisis actor group paid by The Weather Channel? Or maybe it’s the other way around lol.

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