Why didn’t Adam ask for forgiveness when he sinned against God?

Pastor Chilavert Nmezi asks a thought-provoking question–and answers it.   –LD

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Is it not something of concern when you see all that is happening today and ask why Adam never pleaded with God to forgive him? At least the consequences would had reduced. Immediately Adam and Eve sinned everything began to work against them. The question is: “why didn’t it occur to them to plead with God?”. They instead decided to bear the burden without thinking of remedy. Read on, I will tell you why?

When God cursed Cain for killing Abel, Cain immediately pleaded with God to reduce his punishment for it was too much for him to bear which God permitted (Genesis 4: 11-15). Why didn’t Adam do the same?

Adam was not pardoned or forgiven because he had no one to stand in the gap for him. Adam was perfect before he sinned, so he needed someone perfect to plead on his behalf. What God did was to…

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2 responses to “Why didn’t Adam ask for forgiveness when he sinned against God?

  • Unknowable

    I had always been taught that Adam was unable to plead forgiveness because he had been created perfect and did not have the inclinations of fallen mankind drawing him to sin. It would be as if he deliberately walked out in front of a speeding truck; he would have no basis for complaining about the consequences of his actions.

    I like this article however, because I think it makes a good point and has helped me to understand the process of redemption more clearly. Quite simply, there was no human with enough value to cover the value lost when perfect Adam sinned. Any human effort to do so would be like a small child with a piggy bank offering to guarantee a loan involving hundreds of millions of dollars.

    The Law of Moses was not easy to follow, and a lot of literal sacrifices were required thereunder. We are fortunate to be spared this burden in the Christian Era. We have been given a huge gift.


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