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Another week of following the nooze, of watching Western civilization go black around the edges, as it dies–well, it’s not much fun, watching your world be slowly poisoned. Leftism is to the human race as Round-Up is to plants.

But what is most strongly impressed on my mind is that all of these leftist “movements,” from “transgender rights” to “open borders,” all of them, are all aimed at the same goal–

To create a weird mix of moral and social chaos held down by the brute force of an all-powerful central government.

The insight is not original with me. R.J. Rushdoony hit that bull’s-eye several decades ago. It took me all this time to understand what he was telling us.

Leftist utopias, as pioneered by Stalin and updated every year by his successors in the Western Left, all aim at a world government with everything–everything!–removed that might stand between the individual and the world state.

This is war. It’s a spiritual war, but none the less a war. “Progressives” make war against our way of life. They seek to destroy the family. You can’t have stable families, in any meaningful sense of the word, if everyone is screwing everyone else. They seek to destroy the Christian religion. You can’t have Christianity, in any meaningful sense of the word, if you revolt against God’s word: even against something so basic as “Male and female created He them.” They replace science with politics, reason with politics, education with politics, always with the same end in mind–total power for themselves, total slavery for us. They break down the borders of the nations to strip us of the power to protect ourselves: to create social and economic chaos by which they mean to benefit, to acquire more power over us.

It’s war. Leftism is satanic in its origin and inspiration, satanic in its goals. They take “Ye shall be as gods” literally and seriously. The leftids’ master and mentor, Satan, drives them on. They never rest. They never stop.

God has not yet commanded us to leave off praying for our country–so pray every day, and pray hard. Someday, He already has it marked on His calendar, He will crush His enemies, He will break them with a rod of iron and dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel, and set Christ’s throne upon the earth. Forever. He will cast out sin and death; and Satan and friends will be tossed into the lake of fire. Forever.

Give us courage, O God. Strengthen our faith. Show us what you want us to do, and give us the power to do it. Remind us that our weapons are spiritual: prayer, and truth, and love. Faith, and hope, and charity. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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  1. I have read the philosophies that have contributed to modern day Leftism from Rousseau, to Marx, to Nietzsche, and so on. At the root of all of them is a rejection of God. They understand that things are not right in the world. They see the injustices and conflicts, but they have rejected the Christian narrative for the cause for it (sin and rebellion against God). So they come up they come up with their own sins, and their own methods of redemption. They are very much counterfeit gospels. The destruction that have wrought far outweighs anything done in the name of religion.

    1. These ruler-of-the-world wannabes are so cranked up to be as gods, they can’t contain themselves. But all they have ever produced is mass misery.

  2. I’m not alone in feeling that something has changed over the last few years. My opinion is that there is a dynamic situation of attack, counterattack and retrenchment in the spirit realm. The security of my youth seems like a dream, because the situation has become so unstable. My personal opinion is that it traces back to 1967 and Jerusalem coming under Israeli control after so many years.

    I remember a palpable shift at that time; new sorts of events mentioned in the news, etc. Now it seems to be culminating before our eyes and the pieces are all in place, including a massive multinational hoarde just to the north of Israel, bent on its destruction.

    It’s possible that my interpretation is wrong; I’m sure that there will be surprises along the way. But I really think we are in significant times and prayerfulness is very important. Being in a place where we have relative calm, peace and prosperity is a real blessing.

    1. In college circa 1969-70, in Political Science, I did a term paper analyzing what was then a recent increase in what we now call terrorist incidents, all throughout the world, and predicted that there would be more and more of them with no end in sight. At the time I was too young to understand the cause, which I now believe to be satanic. I forget what I thought it was then–probably not worth remembering.

    2. A few years back, I rejected Replacement Theology and began to look at the Bible verses regarding Israel as literal. Once I did that, a lot of things began to make sense in a way that they never had before.

      I am now convinced that the Kingdom will be established in literal Israel and that Satan will oppose this with every asset he possesses. This, I believe, will be the meaning of the hooks in the jaws leading to the attack of Gog of Magog. Satan’s minions will literally be lured into attacking and God will intervene, having full justification, because they will have initiated the attack.

      For the record, I didn’t believe this for most of my life, but I can’t ignore the evidence I see before my eyes.

  3. Preach it, Brother Lee!! We are to occupy until He comes. We will never find fulfillment in this world because we are looking for a city built by God. We are called to be soldiers in this war, putting on the whole armor of God. We sow and water but God gives the increase. This present world is fallen but we can’t let that get us down because we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Jesus said, “Let it be done unto you according to your faith” – and faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ. That’s why I love this blog so much – it increases my faith to persevere and endure until the end.

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