Exuberant Pets

There’s something about that cockatoo trying to catch the roach, and then panicking because it’s harder than expected, that fascinates me. Ditto the chicken opening the door to let herself in. And the dog and the deer enjoying a back-and-forth foot race.

Hey, the verdict’s in–animals are fun!

3 comments on “Exuberant Pets

  1. I love the purity and simplicity of animals. They just do what they feel like doing and enjoy every minute of their lives. The squirrel teasing the dog was fun to watch. That squirrel knew exactly what he was doing.

    The dog playing piano fascinates me. I’ve seen Nora, the piano playing cat and now this dog. What I find interesting is that they obviously have a sense of meter and rhythm. They aren’t much for melody or harmony, but they definitely have a sense of meter.

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