Oops! Comment Contest Adjustment

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Well, it turns out Elijah already had all the Bell Mountain books and only wanted to win the contest, so he says thanks, but give the prize to the runner-up. That would be Joshua, who only missed winning by the tiniest of margins.

So, Joshua, let me know which book you want (try not to make it Bell Mountain, I’ve run out of those and have to get more) and provide me with your mailing address.

P.S. to everybody else who would have liked to win: The next comment contest starts… now! Yup, it’s already started. Be the one to post No. 35,000, and win an autographed book. Yes, I know, that’s 2,000 more comments. It only means I’m giving you all plenty of time to get into the game. But don’t everybody just sit around waiting for it to get to 34,500, or it’ll take, like, forever.

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24 responses to “Oops! Comment Contest Adjustment

  • Unknowable

    Bravo Elijah, and congratulations Joshua.

  • Elijah Holston


    • Joshua M. Swanson

      Wow! Thank you so much, Elijah, Mr. Duigon, and everyone! I was so surprised when I woke up this morning!

      • Elijah Holston

        You’ll really enjoy your prize! The time change is really funny! It will about 9pm where you live when I wake up tomorrow morning, (that is, when my alarm goes off.) Creation is far too complex for there to have been a so called “Big Bang”. God shows His greatness through all His creation, from the tiniest microorganism to the largest elephant and blue whale!

        • Joshua M. Swanson

          Well said, Elijah! People who believe in the strange “Big Bang” theory are saying that first there was nothing… and then it exploded! I think I’m going to go with Creation, because it’s the real truth. Thank You, God, for creating everything on this planet Earth and everything in the universe!
          Thank you once again, Elijah, I WILL enjoy the prize!

          • Elijah Holston

            Great point, Joshua!
            The whole idea of everything exploding into existence in insane to the core, in fact, it so insane it makes me want to laugh; but then I remember that millions of people actually believe in that stuff. It’s so sad, the indoctrinating school systems over here in the West are taking America, Canada, and Europe down. What is the school system like over there in Japan?

          • Joshua M. Swanson

            Yes, it’s sad, very sad, that many people believe in the huge lie and hoax of evolution. They should know better that explosions only destroy things and do not make life. I’m sorry to say that, here in Japan, the “Big Bang” is taught in almost every school, as is evolution. (Charles Duhwin is a Big Blistering Buffoon of a Baboon Bang Boom!) I’ve never sat in a single class, as a student, in a Japanese school, because I have always studied at home using a Christian curriculum (I had to go to some schools on several occasions for various reasons in my lifetime, for example when Dad went to an Elementary School to talk about America to some students about ten years ago, I went along). Thankfully, the school authorities didn’t make a big fuss about home-schooling.
            To tell you a little more about Japanese schools, school starts in April and ends in March. Japanese children only get a month worth of summer vacation, while in America, children get two months worth of summer vacation (When we tell that to some of our students, they say something like “Aww, sounds nice…Why can’t we get a long vacation?!”).

          • leeduigon

            Hey, if Arne Duncan had his way, there’d be no vacation at all.

  • Erlene Talbott

    Congratulations to both of you.
    The cat in the picture looks exactly like one of the three cats that have
    decided to make this home. This one matches the colors of m son’s dog, and all three cats visit the dog and play every day.
    By the way, have you heard from Linda, and how she is doing?

  • Erlene Talbott

    Oh, thank you. I have been praying and will certainly not stop.


    Congrats Joshua!

  • Linda Sorci, ac

    Congratulations Elijah and Joshua!

    Thank you everyone for all your prayers, love and support. My heart truly is overflowing with gratitude to Our Mighty God and to all of you, my brethren. I’m overwhelmed.

    It’s a strange thing – one of the issues that’s come out of this ordeal is tremors/trembles. Thusfar the cause seems to be elusive. My only purpose in mentioning it is my ability to comment is still somewhat restricted, even discounting the weakness, – trembling and typing don’t fit well together, but I’m thankful to have such prayer warriors and a loving Father who hears and answers.

    God bless everyone and thank you from the most inward places of my heart.

  • Joshua M. Swanson

    Thank you, Linda!

  • Joshua M. Swanson

    My book has safely arrived! Thank you, Mr. Duigon! I’ll keep my new treasure safe! 🙂

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