Cats Love Printers

Our cats pay no attention whatsoever to our printer. Maybe because it’s not a fancy-schmancy printer like the ones in this video. Cats seem to be fascinated by those.

What would you give to know precisely what was going through a cat’s mind as he studies the printer and ponders his next move?

3 comments on “Cats Love Printers

  1. I think most cats are just curious creatures who are attracted to anything that moves, and especially if it makes noise.

  2. It always amazes me how serious cats seem to be when it comes to printers. I don’t know why.

    When the video was playing, my cat seemed very, very, alert and curious at the sounds coming from the iPad. Perhaps there is something about that sound which affects them; maybe even at frequencies they hear, but we don’t. They are definitely exceptionally curious creatures and always up for a mock battle, even if the triggering event is someone shifting under the blankets at 3:00 AM. 🙂

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