Animal Escape Artists

That last video was awfully short, so I’m giving you another one.

When you can’t find your pet where he’s supposed to be, it’s probably because he has figured out how to escape. Like the critters in this video.

Believe it or not, the best animal escape artists I’ve ever seen are–of all things–box turtles. You’d be amazed by their artfulness. Keeping Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson penned up in the old stalag was a piece of cake, compared to keeping box turtles.

11 comments on “Animal Escape Artists

  1. I’ve seen that ferret clip before. I think that the dog should be charged as an accessory before the fact. 🙂

    Animals are clever. They are not the dullards which the “settled science” of the past would have lead us to believe. They are wise and manifest the genius of a loving Creator.

  2. I have one of these at home! My dog Rumblebuffin is also known as “Houdini Dog” because nothing can contain him but a dog crate. He fears nothing and thinks he can fly. Crazy beast. Good thing he’s cute, because he’s a handful and a half.

  3. They sure are smart! This fact alone turns the tables on evolution, and evidences God’s Creation.
    Nothing to do with the subject, but the initials of this post’s headline are the same as our English school’s.

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