Mr. Nature: A Scorpion Friend You Didn’t Know You Had

Jambo! Mr. Nature here, on safari indoors. In your house, in fact.

The little devil in this video is a pseudoscorpion. The bad news is that you almost surely have quite a few of them inside your home. If you’ve never seen one, welcome to the club: they’re hard to see, and they don’t exactly advertise.

But there’s more good news than bad. Although these creatures are related to scorpions and spiders, they have absolutely no power to do you any harm. What’s more, they eat tiny bugs you most definitely do not want inside your home–mites, assorted larvae… and bedbugs! The world needs more of any animal that eats bedbugs.

So if you do happen to see a pseudoscorpion that has blundered into your sink or bathtub (they have little or no eyesight) and can’t get out again because it’s too slippery, don’t squash or flush the little guy–help him out of there and send him on his way. Because he’ll get rid of critters that carry diseases, damage your belongings, and bite the dickens out of you.

Another thing God thought of when He was creating the universe, that we wouldn’t have.

7 comments on “Mr. Nature: A Scorpion Friend You Didn’t Know You Had

  1. Nope, I’ve never seen one, but if I do, I will remember what you said about them, and will give them a hand.

  2. Interesting little creature and one I’ve most likely never seen, but most insects I happen to find in my house – yes, even spiders – I try very carefully to catch them and put them in the yard where they have a much better chance at survival, although there are some I prefer to keep, such as ladybugs and certain spiders. 🙂

  3. There’s something endearing about this place. I think we are all soft-hearted and still enjoy the wonder of life around us. Like Linda, I will give an insect a break if I can. They are better off outside and don’t deserve the death penalty, just because they wander into one’s home.

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