Just Me Yakking with You (Of Comment Contests and Lizards)

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See? Toldja. As soon as the comment contest is over, the comments dry up.

But remember, boys ‘n’ girls (here we only recognize the two sexes God has made, and no “genders” that idiots have made up), the next contest has already started! We are at 33,145 and shooting for 35,000–that’s just 2,855 to go.

Ah! But I hear you ask–well, I imagine that I hear you ask–“What’s he doin’ with that lizard?” Not much. It’s Sunday, and I would rather not write about any of the nooze today. And I like lizards.

That little guy up there is a European wall lizard, or lacerta. We used to have a pair of those. They were the first lizards we ever had that mated and laid eggs. Unfortunately, we were never aware of the eggs until it was too late to move them to a friendlier substrate, and they were all dried out. I would have loved to see the hatchlings: they would’ve been like living jewels.

The male escaped, somehow, and was gone for six months. Then he turned up again, fat and sassy, like nothing had happened. I put him back with his mate. She used to treat me to a threat display before accepting food from my fingers. They pretty much thrived on Mighty Dog, but live insects were always welcome.

See? No news! Piece of cake.

8 comments on “Just Me Yakking with You (Of Comment Contests and Lizards)

    1. Yes, they were beautiful lizards. The only fly in the ointment was, they were escape artists. They kept finding ways out of the iguana cage (I think he helped them), so I had a special cage made just for them; but the male got out anyway.

      Other than that, these lizards were gorgeous to look at and always in the pink of health.

  1. With the picture of a lizard I thought for sure the post was going to be about slick politicians who say one thing and then do another. It is unfortunate that so many people I encounter, even confessing Christian people, who think Sunday is the last day of the week instead of the first. The old covenant was under the law so rest came after a week of work, but in the new covenant rest is on the first day of the week because Christ Jesus has accomplished the work of salvation and we are to refresh ourselves by resting on it – all praise to His Glorious Name!!

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