‘Tyranny is Back in Style’ (2015)

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The Left will never stop fighting and clawing for absolute control over other people’s lives. Here’s some of what they were up to, three years ago.


Yes, in 2016 we threw a monkey wrench into their plans by electing Donald Trump. Since then, they’ve been busy trying to undo that election. Try to imagine what our country would be like today, two years into Hillary Clinton’s first term.

When I try, it’s a waking nightmare.

8 comments on “‘Tyranny is Back in Style’ (2015)

  1. I think that their plan was to let Trump win in 2016, so that Democrats would be so mad that there would be no way that Republicans could win in 2020. And after 2020 the future looks black, thanks to the public school system.

  2. In the image just under the title of the article, it looks like the crack troops are pointing their rifles at the heads just to their left. And ooh, aren’t those riding pants and capes impressive?

  3. My wife and I have joy and hope and celebration in our house because Trump won and Hillary Clinton lost. Now we can watch lots of news on conservative shows and have fun with it, whereas if Hillary won we would boycott the news like we did under Obama and Bill Clinton – we would not allow their evil spirits in our home.

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